Forever Neverland - Save the Neverland Ranch as a unique social community project

The Neverland Ranch in Santa Ynez, California, was the property of the in 2009 deceased american pop star Michael Jackson. The primary name of the Ranch was „Sycamore Valley Ranch“. Michael Jackson named it Neverland Ranch for the home of Peter Pan and referring to the property of Elvis (Graceland).

The ranch is located very isolated in the Santa Ynez Valley, 10 minutes from the village Los Olivos and 18 km northern of the village Santa Ynez. The area lives mostly by viniculture.

Michael Jackson bought the ranch in 1988 when he left his family home in Encino, California. The ranch was equipped with an full fitted amusement park, a zoo, a cinema and museums. The size of the property is around 11 km².


When the ranch was mentioned in the media, most of the time the railway station building is shown, which wasn't the residential house.

When Michael Jackson lived there, he invited sick and socially disadvantaged children and their families. They could use everything for free and forget their hard life and their sicknessess for a while. Often they came from the Slums of Los Angeles and other socially-deprived lifes. Often children with severe illnessess were invited, for whom a special medial equipment was in place.

For those children it must have been a dream come true to spend holidays there.

Now, after years of decay, according to report of the economy agancy Bloomberg and the Forbes Magazine, the property should be for sale.

Plans to rebuild the ranch to a place of pilgimage for fans all over the world are finally failed with this decision. However there was never enough interest and support for this idea, regardless whether it should be for sale now.

The rumors about the selling price vary enormous, totals between 45 and 100 million dollar were mentioned.

The news about the sale of the Neverland Ranch had caused mixed feelings in the Michael Jackson fan community. A lot of people would have liked it, if the property would have been restored in a way, Michael Jackson would have liked it: As a place for sick and disadvantaged children where they can forget their sufferings for a moment, and a place of fun, fantasy and culture.

Again there are questions, if it couldn't be possible to buy the ranch as a community and to run it as a non-profit place with a social and cultural background. For this, the property would offer the best possibilities.

Considering that the idea was already there when World Life Vision e.V. was founded, but aborted because at that time there were no intentions of the owners to sell the Neverland Ranch, as a serious registered non-profit organization we would like to give this idea a new plattform and provide our work and our donation accounts for saving the ranch.

Maybe it shouldn't be owned by a single person but by an independant organization or as a standalone company (this is just a suggestion) and however Michael jacksons' chlidren should be involved in all concerns. Maybe the Ranch could be given back to them, if this is in their interest. How the project would develop in detail depends surely on the amount of interest and support, but we are sure that it could work if enough people gather quick enough to save the property and buy and finance it all together. The further financing would have also to be paid by sponsoring and donations until the ranch can finance itself the costs.

If the project would fail, the collected donations would be given to social projects or charities to help children which would be also supported by Michael Jackson.

We would like to work together with other organizations which have the same interest and goal, please contact us if you are interested in a cooperation.

For actual information, when there is enough interest, we will create a special blog for the project. You can also follow the community on Twitter and Facebook at the following links:


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At this stage  yet it is NOT necessary to donate for this project! Once it is forseeable, that there is enough interest in this project and enough people who are willing to donate for it, it can be started to gather the needed money for it!

If you are interested to donate for the Ranch to save it, please stay tuned to our actual informations!


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