Rhonda is seriously sick and is in a very difficult life situation

My name is Rhonda, I'm 49 years old, have 3 children (the youngest 17) and I live in the United States. In November of 2009, I had a massive heart attack at the age of 46. I was also diagnosed with diabetes type 2 and diabetic neuropathy. That is where the disease attacks the muscle and nerves and you start having tingling and burning sensations and can easily hurt yourself and not know it right away. I am unable to stand for long periods of time and I get dizzy and light headed if I do. I lost my job due to the fact that I can no longer stand and they could not accommodate my doctors recommendations. I also have been diagnosed with macular degeneration disease which is a disease that attacks the retina of the eye and can cause you to eventually go blind. I have a lot of other illnesses going on and things will not improve. The nerves and stuff or already damaged and cannot be repaired. I am in a very bad relationship with nowhere to turn. My family lives too far away and cannot afford to help me. The stress and control that I go through here on a daily bases is not good for my medical complications that I have. I live every day with the fear, that I could lose my home and have nowhere to go, without money and without any help because except my youngest daughter, who herself don't have much possibilities and is fed up by the bad situation in the house, nobody is caring about me. I live in a household to where I am basically someone’s door mat for them to wipe their feet on. There are no caring people around where I live and my husband, from whom I live seperated for a long time now, treats me very bad. Sometimes I don't even have the money for food or I have to beg that someone drives me to my doctors' appointments, what can be very risky for me if I cannot go there regularely to check my health condition. It is very sad that you cannot reach out to the others that call you friends in a time of need. For a long time I am very close friends with some of the people who founded World Life Vision and I think a lot of them and the things that they have accomplished. They know my story and the the very bad kind of situation that I am in.

My wish is to be able to live the rest of my life happy and free and not have to worry about where my next meal is coming from or if I will be able to have a place to live. My greatest dream would be to join my good friends in Europe and to stay and work with them. Please help if at all possible and help to set me free from the everyday fear of losing everything, maybe my life and of being treaten so bad and being alone with all these problems.

The Project is completed

Meanwhile, Rhonda is much better, although she is fighting many health issues, still. She lives in a save surrounding now and gets help from family members and friends.