Jaroslav suffers from a form of aplastic leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplantation. Therefore, some important examinations are needed.


Jaroslav is two years old, his parents are very young. His mother Tatjana is 23, his father Alexander 24 years old, they too have a daughter, who's nearly 4 years of age.They live in a village of Kazakhstan and nourish themselves by the farm animals which they have, three pigs, two cows and what they plant during the summer. In winter, they take wood from the forest to heat. Three months of the year, Alexander is working as a harvest helper in the surrounding, for that they get ration coupons.


Jaroslav sickened already at the age of three months and since, he need regularely blood transfusions at the hospital in Astana, 400 km away.He have a very seldom blood disease (diamond-blackfan-anemia) which is only healable by a bone marrow transplantation. Whether a treatment is possible at all depends on the results of specific examinations.


If a treatment is possible for Jaroslav, it should be conducted in Germany, because in Kazakhstan there is no possibility. The disease he's suffering from, is nearly not known there.

The medical inquiry report from Kazakhstan have been submitted already, but the results have to be checked again. Also because of the heavy medications which Jaroslav gets there, another examination in Germany is indicated to ascertain if a bone marrow transplantation is possible.


In Kazakhstan, Jaroslav is already classified as invalid. But if a treatment would be possible, he will have the chance to grow up as a normal, healthy boy.


After many efforts and requests to several medical centers, the Albert Ludwig University Medical Center Freiburg agreed to perform the now needed examinations.

But this, as well as the journey and accommodation of Jaroslav and his parents costs a lot of money which the family cannot manage to raise on their own.


Till now, Jaroslav's aunt  Viktoria from Hannover tried with a lot of engagement and private initiative in Germany to get some help for the small boy, actively supported by her family.




According to the responsible physician, for the indicated examinations at the Albert Ludwig University Medical Center Freiburg would be needed an amount of about 3000 Euro.

For the travel and the accomodation of the family for 2, 3 days in Freiburg, there is needed an additional amount of 2500 Euro


Acutal State of the project


With the return of the family to Kazakhstan the Project is completed. For Jaroslav could have been obtained an important reevaluation of his disease and a much better medical care and control.



Use of the donations

Total collected donations for Jaroslav : 5862,66€

Costs payed by WLV:

3000€  University clinic Freiburg for the needed examinations.
1360€ Costs of journey for the family to Freiburg.
370€ Accomodation in Freiburg.
710 € Costs for an Hämoglobin Photometer for use at home.

The rest of the donations were given to the family in Germany as a part of Costs for Food, medication, a bood transfer and the flight back. This costs were mainly payed by the german family members.