CFI - Reconstruction of the grain mill at the children's village "Patmos"

Location of the realization

houseChildren's village "Patmos", Island Idjwi, DR Congo

The Democratic Republic Congo is a country full of contrasts. Precisely because it is rich of natural resources and tropical forests, corruption and tribal wars have caused deepest poverty. The children's village "Patmos" is located on the island Idjwi in the Kivu lake, in the northeastern region of Congo.

Time of realization

Immediately after project financing


Since 2001 the children's village have an own grain mill, where millet, corn and cassava (manioc) are milled. It is a very important component for the self supply of the village, also because the residents of the surrounding villages also buy the flour or mill their own grain there for a moderate charge. The proceeds benefits the children's village and lowers the amount of outside financing.

millUnfortunately the mill is damaged and cannot be used. This affects the food supply as well as the supply of the animals. Also there is an important source of income missing.

The costs of the new mill are amount to 12.000 Euro, from which 5020 Euro could be already collected by donations.

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Don't forget the project number: WLV2012-1001