Founding members

In the awareness of the own responsibility to solve cultural, social or environmentally caused problems of the humanity in the third world, the emergent countries as also in the industrial nations,  these responsible people came together on March, 28th 2012 to establish the non-profit Organization World Life Vision e.V.:

Frau Cornelia Wille, 32825 Blomberg / Germany

Herr Sebastian Schlichter, 09130 Chemnitz / Germany

Herr Paul Reichel, 09130 Chemnitz / Germany

Frau Kerstin Vogt, 33813 Oerlinghausen / Germany

Herr Peter Duesmann, 32825 Blomberg / Germany

Herr Peter-Uwe Witt, 32756 Detmold / Germany

Herr Daniel Stoetzer, 32791 Lage / Germany