Aurela suffers from Leukemia and needs urgently medical treatment

Aurela Flamur Haliti is a little girl which lives with her young parents in Uglar, near Prishtina, the capital of Kosovo. At moment, she is the only child of Kosovare (*18.10.1992, mother) and Flamur (*06.02.1991, father) Haliti. Aurela celebrated her first birthday on July 29th in 2012, she is three years old now.  Since she was just a few month old, she's suffering from blood cancer or concrete, from an acute myeloic leukemia. It's just not possible, to treat this form of blood cancer in the area where she lives, also because Aurela needs probably a stem cell transplant.

To stay in her country would be her death sentence.

Her condition is often not good. Because of that it is urgently needed that she can be treated (best in Germany, Münster, where friends from the family live and the hospital have a good equiped children section for cancer treatment). But this is very expensive, the cost estimate at the University Hospital in Münster amounts to 250.000 Euro. A treatment in Russia or Jordan would amount „only“ to 80.000 Euro, but the organization would be much more difficult because Mother and child must be accommodated and be looked after them.

So Aurela don't need only a bone marrow donor (which is searched already by the DKMS, a german institute for bone marrow search) but also a lot of money – a health insurance, which would even pay a part of the treatment is not existing and could also not be paid by the family. The whole family, which lives already below the poverty line is already financially at the end. They earn their miserable income with the selling of chickens and two handicapped brothers of the father have to be supported too.

Aurela's history

In March/April 2012 Aurela started to suffer from increasing weakness and high fever (up to 40°C). Because of that, her family doctor treated her with ice. Because her condition worsened, they took a blood sample from her which was very suspicious with massive leukocytosis with simultaneous anemia and thrombocytopenia. Aurela was brought from the the hospital in Prishtina to the university clinic in Tirana/Albania. The bone marrow examination showed an acute myeloic leukemia, which was treated with cytostatics. Very soon Aurela suffered from heavy toxic adverse effects (anorexia, stomatitis, nausea, vomition). After a short time of recovery, her condition worsened again. Her blood values didn't allowed any further treatment with medications, the bone marrow is already damaged by the previous therapy (August 2012).

By information of the doctor in charge, Dr. Bardyl Abrashi, Aurela needs urgently a bone marrow transplantation.But that is not possible there, where she lives apart from the fact, that it's absolutely not possible for  the family to pay this treatment. If she and her family don't get help and the needed treatment can't be given to her very soon, she will die.


80.000 – 250.000 Euro for hospital and treatment cost, journey and accomodation for Aurela and her mother.

By the remarkable initiative of Mr. Ulf Hundeiker (Münster/Germany), who knows Aurelas' family personally, 1600 Euro could  already collected private. In the Sense of Mr. Hundeikers' wish, eventually not used money would be given to other organizations to help children with leukemia.

Aurela and her mother in 2014











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