William J. Wagener - A life for justice

William J. Wagener was born in Door Country , Wisconsin at the end of WW2 as the 4th of 5 children. He is married for 47 years and is father of 7 children which are all adults now. He is also a grandfather of 3 children. He holds a Bachalor of Science Degree from University of Wisconsin from 1972 and attended a law school 2.5 years, but did not become a Lawyer. He is also a Vietnam Veteran and is opposed to war for bankers profits.

He lives with his wife in Santa Maria, California where his TV show is located too. He loves Iceland and it is a big wish for him to visit that country one day.

William is the only Tv journalist who personally attended every day the Michael Jackson Trial for 5 months IN the courtroom and he did 10 TV shows hinting and then predicting MJ would go home free.

He is the first journalist on TV to expose that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation deliberately lied and said Senator Nancy Schafer was murdered by her husband by a shot in the back while she slept. William identified that paedophiles in the Georgia Government ordered her murder by personally interviewing 6 people close to the Schafers, including Nancy's personal assistant.

He is also only journalist to got the video from the court on YouTube and Cable TV showing how the school teacher Hazel Spees forced 7 year old Melissa Gaston, her foster daughter, to strip naked and masturbate in front of a video camera, on orders of CPS director Larry Lawson.

Since many years William tries to help people for justice. The most of his interviews, the accompaniment of the victims and the costs for his shows he payed from his own pocket.

He does two TV shows a week at his own cost, 1. "ON SECOND THOUGHT", designed to cause people to re-think what they think they know, and 2. "TAKE BACK AMERICA" which deals more specifically on solutions to re-establish lawful government and stop the "endless wars" which are in direct violation of US Constitution. He was always independent and is always searching for the truth, fighting against political agendas to enslave people's minds.

William don't want to make money for himself - for him it is really a matter of heart to help others and speak out for justice.

Watch his work over the years on his YouTube channel:

William Wagener YouTube Channel

With our chairwoman Cornelia Wille in the Santa Maria Media Center, where William produces his TV shows

During the years, William has spent the most of his private assets for his 'cases' and his TV Shows. He needs urgently financial help to go on with his mission.

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